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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

08:30-09:00 Opening General Session: Welcoming Remarks by the Conference Chairs – DOWNLOAD

  • Glenn Walters, Global Membership Committee Chair, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
  • Jeffrey J. Smith, Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE), Ottawa Branch
09:00-09:30 Opening Keynote Presentation: Vision is the art of seeing the invisibleDOWNLOAD
Karl Kenny, President and Chief Executive Officer; Kraken Robotic Systems Inc.
09:30-09:35 Mari-Tech 2019 Speaker Gift Presentation: Dominis Engineering Ltd. – DOWNLOAD
Pearse Flynn, Junior Naval Architect, Canadian Coast Guard
10:35-12:10 Plenary Presentations:

  • Canada’s Domestic Fleet and the Canadian Economy: Successes and ChallengesDOWNLOAD
    • Bruce Burrows, President, Chamber of Marine Commerce
    • Paul Topping, Director, Regulatory and Environmental Affairs, Chamber of Marine Commerce
  • Innovation in Training: The AOPS Virtual Reality SolutionDOWNLOAD
    Rob Gair, Head of Government and Digital Services, MAN Energy Solutions Canada
10:35-11:20 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • A proposed framework for developing an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for WarshipsDOWNLOAD
    Cody Lyster, Principal Design Engineer, Babcock
  • Supporting the Canadian Navy In-Service – a Reflection on the Halifax Class Mid-Life Refit and Life Extension Project
    Mark Soper, Senior Manager, In-Service Support Contract, Fleetway Inc.
11:25-12:10 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Eyes wide shut: Fatigue and the marine industryDOWNLOAD
    Paul Dittmann, Member, Transportation Safety Board of Canada
  • Standardizing Electrical Analysis for Vessel Life Extension and ModernizationDOWNLOAD
    • Graeme Thompson, Intermediate Electrical Engineer, BMT Canada
    • Mark Butler, Electrical Engineer, BMT Canada
  • Panel: Innovation & Collaboration – Buzzwords or Revolution?
    • Susan Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster – DOWNLOAD
    • David Shea, Vice-President of Engineering, Kraken Robotics Inc. – DOWNLOAD
    • Darcy Byrtus, President, BMT Canada Ltd. – DOWNLOAD
  • Concurrent Technical Session: Collaborating for Quality in Support of NSS: How the new CSA W47.1M Marine Annex Supports Welding QualityDOWNLOAD
    • Michelle Stanford, Senior Vice President, Canadian Welding Bureau
    • Cristian Zanfir, Senior Manager, Standards, Canadian Welding Bureau
14:40-15:25 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • System Identification of Submarine Motion DynamicsDOWNLOAD
    Dr. Francois Belanger, L3 MAPPS
  • How to Increase Success Rate in Defence Projects by using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data AnalysisDOWNLOAD
    Omer Livvarcin, Chief Executive Officer, Vectors Group
  • Next Generation of Marine Engineers – Student Presentations
    • Human Powered SubmarineDOWNLOAD
      Rémy Rodrigue, Electrical Engineering Student, École de technologie supérieure (ETS)
      Audrey Pouliot, Naval Architect Student, L’Institut maritime du Québec Naval Architecture (IMQ)
15:50-16:35 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Electric. Digital. Connected. – the future platform for the shipping industryDOWNLOAD
    Luis Moratalla, Digital Service Manager, ABB Inc. Marine & Ports
  • The Way Ahead: Upcoming Growth OpportunitiesDOWNLOAD
    Georgina Padilla, Digital Marketing Specialist, Albion Marine Solutions Ltd.
15:50-16:55 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • UBC Marine Systems InitiativeDOWNLOAD
    Dave Michelson, Professor, UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Innovation and Imagination: the world’s first enclosed deck onboard LNG bunkering solutionDOWNLOAD
    • Dan Riis, Director Fleet Engineering, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
    • Paul Radford, Engineering Superintendent, Vessel Replacement Program, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

  • Panel: In-Service Support
    • Dave Monahan, Major Surface Combatant Class Program Manager, Department of National Defence – DOWNLOAD
    • David Lloyd, Deputy Marine Manager, Lloyd’s Register Canada Ltd. – DOWNLOAD
    • Cliff Harvey, ITS Acting Director Marine Engineering, Canadian Coast Guard – DOWNLOAD
  • Eastern Canada LNG Bunkering CapabilitiesDOWNLOAD
    Guillaume Brossard, Director, Development & LNG, Énergir
09:35-10:20 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • OFSV: Shipbuilding innovation on Canada’s West CoastDOWNLOAD
    • Michael Hevey, Director of Transformation & Business Improvement, Seaspan Shipyards
    • Heather McDonald, Director, Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels (OFSV), Canadian Coast Guard
  • How Bad is Bad? Some Insight into Design Requirements and Defect LimitsDOWNLOAD
    Aaron Dinovitzer, Vice-President, Capability & Strategy, BMT Canada Ltd.
  • A System Safety Approach to Managing Shipping OperationsDOWNLOAD
    Doug Smith, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland
11:00-11:45 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Firing less on all cylinders: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in shippingDOWNLOAD
    Jeffrey J. Smith, McGill University
  • The Marine Electrical Power Plant: Design Philosophies and Best Practices to Improve Safety and ReliabilityDOWNLOAD
    • Donald MacNearney, Canal Marine and Industrial Inc.
    • Chris Wright, Lead Engineer, Canal Marine and Industrial Inc.
  • Assessment of Conventional Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) versus Cold Wire and Double Cold Wire Gas Metal Arc JointsDOWNLOAD
    Rafael De Araújo Ribeiro, University of Waterloo
12:50-13:35 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Continuing Service – Linking Practical Life Extensions to Optimized Outcomes TodayDOWNLOAD
    • Richard Summers, Program Manager, In-service, Babcock
    • Randy Turner, Supportability Engineer, Babcock
  • A human-centered prototype design for next generation on-board incident response systemDOWNLOAD
    Hee Jin Kang, Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering
  • Quieting Ships to Protect the Marine EnvironmentDOWNLOAD
    Tabitha Takeda, Chief, Marine RD&D, Innovation Centre, Transport Canada
13:40-14:25 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Panel: A Career for Life: Transitioning Young Professionals and Succession Planning
    • Andy Smith, Deputy Commissioner, Strategy and Shipbuilding, Canadian Coast Guard
    • Suzanne Beckstoffer, President, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) – DOWNLOAD
    • Dan Ross, Complex Project Management, Telfer School of Management
  • Design, Construction, and In-service Performance of an Ice-Capable Pilot BoatDOWNLOAD
    • Donald MacPherson, Technical Director, HydroComp, Inc.
    • Rory Macdonald, President, Lengkeek Vessel Engineering
  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings for Ice Class VesselsDOWNLOAD
    Mike Winter, Technical Manager-Americas, Marine and Protective Coatings, International Paint LLC
14:30-15:15 Concurrent Technical Sessions

  • Performance Deterioration of Marine Diesel EnginesDOWNLOAD
    Michael Banning, Technical Co-ordinator – Marine Fuel Specialties, Innospec Fuel Specialties
  • EVM: Go Beyond the NumbersDOWNLOAD
    Jonathan Shriqui, Senior Project Control Specialist – EVM, Department of National Defence
15:20-16:15 Closing Plenary: Harnessing the Seas for Innovation and ProsperityDOWNLOAD
John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada
16:15-16:30 Closing Remarks – DOWNLOAD
2020 Halifax Announcement – DOWNLOAD


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