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Why Sponsor?

Mari-Tech Conference & Exhibition 2019 takes data security and privacy very seriously and does not release any data to third parties for resale.

The Mari-Tech Conference has developed an extensive network of stakeholders among the hundreds of organizations within Canada’s marine engineering community.  It has earned a respected position as a neutral, non-political event devoted to engaging the private sector, government and academia to provide insight and solutions for the most important issues concerning marine engineering in Canada.

The Mari-Tech 2019 Conference Sponsorship Program provides an innovative way for organizations and corporations to have a significant impact on 400+ leading professionals within Canada’s marine engineering community.

If you’re looking to reach the key players making a difference within the industry, Mari-Tech 2019 is the place for you!

Our sponsor benefits maximize organizational visibility to your target audience and provide exceptional on-site promotional opportunities. The chart below illustrates the impact of investing in Mari-Tech 2019.

Please talk to us about your unique sponsorship goals – we will gladly accommodate special requests where possible.

To become a Mari-Tech 2019 Conference Sponsor, complete the sponsorship agreement and return it via email.

For any questions, please contact Marie-Claude Bureau at email or 819-230-5565.


Investment Impact For your organization For the Marine Engineering Community
Networking Access to the nation’s most important marine engineering innovation stakeholders Developing relationships with corporations who are players in the industry
Brand Exposure Affiliation with private and public partner organizations to optimize visibility within target market. Partnership with a leading organization that understands the value of collaboration across all stakeholders and nurturing a broad and evolving community of innovative policy thinkers
Corporate Citizenship & Community Strengthening your association with a community of marine engineering experts and R&D advocates in Canada Investment in activities which support the advancement of marine engineering policy in Canada by enabling a framework for inclusive and multi-sectoral partnerships
Engagement Benefits Meeting with leading marine engineering firms

Renewal of professional and personal connections

Sharing of Marine Engineering expertise

Updating contacts and developing new relationships in industry

Co-Hosted by CIMarE Ottawa and SNAME Eastern Canadian Section

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