Justification Letter to Manager Template

by in  Justification Toolkit

Adapt and submit this letter to your manager to help you demonstrate why you should attend the Mari-Tech 2020 Conference and Exhibition.

Talking Points

Please use or adapt any of the points below to help you communicate what Mari-Tech 2020 is about and why it is important for you to attend.

Post-Conference Reporting

Commit to your manager up front that you will prepare and share a post‐conference report with him/her and the team.  A post‐conference report of one to three pages conveys key information about the conference to people who did not attend, and ensures that you will transmit its value effectively to your organization.

Tangible Benefits

When you propose attending Mari-Tech 2020, focus on specifically what you will bring back to the organization to demonstrate return on the investment.  Use this “benefits guide” to help state your case: